What do you mean by wellness?

The body achieves that which the mind believes! To accomplish any task, it becomes very important to keep the body and mind in sync! The result of body/mind synchronization is the ultimate fruit of wellness! When we say that we want to achieve wellness, what does it exactly mean? It isn’t merely drinking green tea and eating salads, or doing yoga, or going to the gym! It doesn’t mean sleeping 9 hours a day either! In fact, wellness means achieving all of this-together!

Moving towards wellness can be a tough journey because you will have to actively involve yourself; body and mind, in making choices that push you towards a healthy and fulfilling life! According to the World Health Organization, there are 8 main aspects to wellness, let us have a quick look at them!

  1. Financial: The most obvious aspect of everything; money! Being financial well is a process of successfully maintaining expenses. Not having enough money to fund our wants can definitely result in serious impacts on many aspects in our lives! This is found to be one of the main causes of stress, anxiety and even suicide!
  2. Physical: The aspect with which we normally associate wellness is this! Maintaining good body health is often associated with zero-figures in women and bulging muscles in men! However, physical wellness is much more than outer appearances and is a combined outcome of eating, sleeping and exercising well. Timely attention to any signs of slight discomfort is also an essential part of wellbeing.
  3. Spiritual: Having spiritual wellness is allowing yourself to develop set of values which help you seek your purpose and meaning in life. This also involves knowing how to cope with the stresses that you may experience!
  4. Emotional: Understanding your inner most feelings and effectively dealing with stress and anxiety! It is very important to pay attention to self- care, relaxation, stress reduction in order to develop your personality!
  5. Intellectual: Having an open mind when you encounter new concepts or situations is intellectual wellness! It expands your perspective to life and encourages you to participate in wholesome activities that lead to growth and evolution!
  6. Occupational: Enjoying your workplace and appreciating your endeavors is a part of being occupationally well! It is very essential to have this balance to achieve personal as well as professional satisfaction!
  7. Social: Performing social roles effectively and comfortably to create a support network to allow you to enrich and develop strong and effective relationships is what is termed as social wellness.
  8. Environmental: Living a lifestyle that is in harmony with our surroundings can be a very inspiring experience! Environmental well-being promotes your interaction with nature creating serenity and peace!

Achieving complete wellness is to achieve a perfect combination of these 8 dimensions in a ratio that suits you! HPS Wellness understands and upholds the need for personalization in this journey! Join us today and take your first step to integrated well-being!