Wellness solutions in corporates – Do they really work? It is quite natural for this question to arise in the minds of corporate leaders. All over the world, leaders do recognize the essentiality and criticality of employee wellness focus. Over the decades, the scenario has changed. Billions of dollars are being spent on wellness programs/initiatives by many companies. The results, however, are not satisfactory. Organisations are not seeing any significant and tangible benefits emerging out of their investments. For various reasons, they continue to spend money on wellness but one question is always on their mind – Do these programs really work?

This is not the question to be asked. Leaders need to ask themselves an empowering question. What do we do to make the wellness initiative work for my organization? It is quite obvious that a question like this will lead to a plan that can pave way for the success of wellness programs.

Wellness initiatives need to be structured and executed just like the business plans. To begin with, leaders must have a strong conviction on the essentiality of driving wellness initiatives in their companies. Health and happiness generally go together. Happiness and productivity also go together. A healthy person is generally happy and likely to be more productive than an unhappy person. It is generally a well understood fact that productivity, at large, in most organisations is below the acceptable levels. While there are several factors, for leaders to work on, the one that stands out as number one is the health of their employees. Many other issues such as attrition, lower team collaboration, absenteeism, presentism and many more are primarily related to the health of an employee. Health is not just at the physical level but also at the emotional and social level. 

Just like a business plan and strategy, organizations need to draw up a wellness strategy and plan for the organization. The following sequence would help companies to make wellness an integral part of their business.

  • Wellness Policy
  • Wellness Objectives
  • Wellness strategy
  • Wellness plan for the year
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Individual KPI
  • Review system
  • Rewards and recognition

Just like a business, this parallel but integrated flow will help organisations to send a strong but caring message across the company. This is the only way, actions will take place in the most responsible way.

While companies may roll out the wellness initiatives as defined above, companies would need a robust, scalable and health science-based intelligent technology solution. Technology adoption is absolutely key. This will create the right context and platform for an organisation. This will be a key measurable tool that can give valuable insights to the company to not only measure their wellness progress but to roll out various customized wellness initiatives.  

We are all unique and one solution will not work for every employee. The other challenge would be that it should be holistic and multi-dimensional. The technology-based solution should have that power.

Wellness is a journey and not a destination. Companies need to walk that path with great commitment at the top level. Wellness culture will get developed when companies walk this wellness path with the right spirit, with an empowered action plan and tool to assist them. True measurable positive results will start showing up in few years for sure. 

Can leaders commit themselves to this path? The question with which we began this article will become irrelevant. 

C E Potnis, Co-Founder at HPS Wellness