Many people fail in the exam of life because they copy from others; not realising that each one of us has been given a different question paper.. We have to take a fresh look at our own question paper.

Each one of us is unique; our Prakruti, upbringing, education, skill sets, circumstances and the events in our life have set each one in a unique position in life. It is time to take a step back, use our personal compass and set our own course. What better time than this lockdown period to set my bearings right?

Being a simple person myself I use two simple questions to set my bearings.

  • What would I like to be remembered FOR?
  • What would I like to be remembered AS?

What I would like to be remembered for would be my achievements.What I would like to be remembered for is my character. These are the guard rails that have helped me stay on course

The world looks quite different to each of us from our unique position. There are only certain things that I can do; at the same time there are certain things that only I can do – that is my Swadharma. I cannot afford to copy anyone else ‘…. Paradharma bhayavaha – following the dharma of anyone else is dangerous’ as the Bhagvat Gita says.

I make a list of the personal achievements that suit my svadharma; taking care to see that I don’t hurt anyone and as far as possible see that my achievements turn out to be useful to as many people as possible –svartha and paramartha rolled in one. I then take stock to see whether I need to add to my skill-set in order to reach my target. I put aside time to ‘sharpen my saw’ and to acquire the required skill set; and what better time to do this than this lock down period.

That answers the first question, sets my path for achievements and helps me design my day for me.

At the same time I see to it that in my haste to reach the target I do not trample over people around me. Though I am unique I share the world with others and they too have their own set of goals. I have to give due respect to their plans and see if I could be of any help. The synergy helps both of us achieve ouir goals, plus I can get some motivation and encouragement from them – again svartha and paramartha. This policy takes care of the second question and ensures that people remember fondly and with love.

With these two guard rails in place I can walk my talk with confidence. I have to just take care to see that I do not compromise one for the other.

The one thing that can make my plans come true is TIME – the 24 hours that are being deposited in my life account every day. I value every hour that has been gifted to me. No time will be wasted in crying over spilt milk or in licking my wounds. The past I cannot change; the future is not yet here. The only time I have is this moment and this day. If not me then who – If not now then when?