Understand how HPS Wellness approach to preventive
wellness is helping corporates and their employees

Interview of Mr. Nachiketas Bhatkar, CEO, Multiversity

Why fitness? For me, fitness is as essential as the food we eat. It’s the ‘my…

Wellness solutions in Corporates – Do they really work?

Wellness solutions in corporates – Do they really work? It is quite natural for this question…

Pain and suffering

Our life is quite similar to an ocean.
Sometimes it is full of turbulence and
sometimes it is just tranquil and peaceful.

Case Study

Understand how HPS’ approach to proactive Well-being is helping
organizations transform their business

  • Harmony by HPS Wellness helps a manufacturing company transform its Wellness initiative

    Manufacturing organizations have a difficult time implementing strategic solutions within the organization. Any new initiative is faced with resistance. At such a time, Employee Wellness solutions need to be implemented along with a partner who has the
    required expertise. Wellness then becomes a straightforward and a smooth process. Read the case study to understand how HPS Wellness transformed this large manufacturing organization.


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