Why fitness?

For me, fitness is as essential as the food we eat. It’s the ‘my time’ of the day where I can be in silence / spend time in nature / listen to some guru’s talks. In today’s day and age of distractions, noise, information overload and convenience, it has become very important to remain fit. 

What is your fitness mantra?

My mantra is to be active. It’s this habit that has helped me be fit.  I try and follow this routine – mornings I run on the treadmill followed by Suryanamaskars and some asanas. After that a guided meditation. Evenings, I do a yog kriya. I practice this routine on most days of the year.

What in fitness do you enjoy the most?

For me, it is the feeling after my routine that I enjoy the most – freshness, relaxed, and an improved state of emotional, physical and mental being.

What is your Wellness advice for busy professionals?

The first thing I tell all my teammates and staff is that they must spend time daily for some form of fitness – Stretches / Yog / Meditation / Pranayama / running / any other wellness activity they wish to follow. Additionally, drink enough water, try and have a healthy diet most of the week, be active as best feasible – walk around while on calls, take 10-15 min breaks during the day where your team knows you’re not available, team wellness activities also help a lot.

How do you manage your fitness schedule along with your work schedule?

I have blocked time daily for my routines. In the morning, I try and do all of my routines before checking emails, chat groups, etc. Evenings, I’ve blocked my calendar for 15 mins daily for this too. I try and stick to this unless there are urgent matters. This has worked for me for the last 3 years, barring a few exceptions.

According to you, how important is it for Employees to be Healthy?

Very very important. Managers and Leaders must give the same importance to their own and their team’s wellness as the business results. To be at our best, it is very important to be healthy – emotionally, mentally and physically. After implementing a daily routine for all staff, I have seen a significant change in behavior, reduction in complaints like acidity and back pain. At Multiversity, we have wellness champs who conduct a morning meditation / breathing / exercise routine (different daily) before we start our workday. In the evening, we conduct physical activities to reduce lethargy, feel fresher and get home in a better state of mind. All this is done daily whether we’re at the office or working from home.


1. Fruits / Salads / Soups –  Salads
2. Running or Yoga – Both
3. Early bird or Night owl (in the context of fitness activities) -Early bird
4. Business or Wellness – Business with wellness