The lockdown period has really made me think about the relationship between Corona virus and myself. Here is this guy who can barely be seen under a high resolution microscope and yet has the capacity to bring a 180 pounder like me to his knees. I know that he is here to stay and that I have to find a way to live side by side with this new guest.

I took stock of the situation. There is no cure for this disease. There is no vaccine that can protect me and frankly there is no quick fix immunity booster. They say herd immunity will save humanity. But we need to understand that even in the herd those who have got the immunity are safe, the others have to go out and get their immunity. The situation looks scary but it is not.

I am not helpless; I am not at the mercy of the virus. I am born with an immune system which is up to it and more. There are and have always been literally millions of bacteria and virus around us. The ‘T’ cells (type of white blood cells) are trained to identify hostile intruders like the virus. They immediately map the intruder identify its weakness and create antibodies that can contain and kill it. Within a short time a team of millions of these antibodies is created and I become immune to the virus. The body has done this hundreds of times before; it has saved me up till now. I trust my immune system; after all it has had enough practice.

I take good care of myself. I see that I don’t out without a mask, don’t stand too close to another person and don’t spend too much time with a probable carrier. I wash my hands at regular intervals and am careful to see that I don’t touch my eyes, nose and mouth before washing my hands thoroughly. With all these precautions I ensure that I do not catch the virus and even if I do, I get it in a small manageable dose. Meanwhile I do whatever I can to boost my immunity; regular exercise, avoid junk food, avoid addictions and above all avoid conflict and keep my mind calm and composed.

What do I do after that? I have seen all great players and artists pray to the pitch or the stage; I pray. In fact my heart goes out to people who do not have a shradhha sthan or faith in a power superior to themselves;. They carry too heavy a burden on their shoulders. They take responsibility for factors far beyond their control. They stress themselves, it distorts their judgement and then they panic.

Before every surgery, I pray. Stepping into my clinic every day; I pray. Stepping out of the house every day, I pray. You think as a doctor I shouldn’t be saying such things? In fact as a doctor I know my limitations. Four decades of medical practice has taught me I treat; He cures.

I do what I can do; the rest I leave to the Big Boss. 

By – Dr. Chandrashekhar DesaiCo-founder, HPS Wellness

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