The history of evolution tells us that it has taken nature billions of years to create its latest model – the human being. The software of survival, growth, maturity and reproduction has been fine-tuned over millennia. The natural tendency of life is to go towards equilibrium.

 Balance is health, imbalance is disease and rebalancing is cure.

The natural system of the body that maintains this balance is known as the homeostatic mechanism. It is the most fascinating bio-feedback mechanism in the world.

The homeostatic mechanism manages the impossible feat of maintaining the body temperature, PH of the blood, heart rate, Blood Pressure, blood sugar and rate of respiration in equilibrium. It does this for decades in spite of the changes in seasons, climate, physical activity, food intake, lifestyle and mental stresses. It challenges all laws of physics and chemistry to maintain the state of equilibrium away from equilibrium. All this it does on its own.The body replaces old cells, regenerates damaged tissue, heals all wounds, maintains the Circadian rhythm and resets the body clock in spite of our excesses.

The body constantly communicates with our consciousness through sensations of hunger, thirst, natural urges, fatigue and the need to sleep. These sensations are a call for some action. The moment you initiate the action like having a sip of water when thirsty, nature appreciates it by giving you pleasure. When the need is fulfilled nature tells you ‘enough’ and gives you contentment in return. All it asks from us is to pay heed to these messages; a little discipline and regularity in lifestyle, eating, water intake, going to sleep and waking up. In return nature keeps us healthy, energised, enthusiastic and happy.

It is only when the imbalance becomes it bit irritating that the body has to get our attention through some symptoms like fever, fatigue, body-ache, eructation, loose motions, constipation, cough or pain. All it is saying is ‘please pay attention’. Most times all it needs is for you to take your foot off the accelerator, rest a bit, go easy on food intake, get a good night’s sleep and hey presto!, you are back in action.

Each discomfort and dis-ease is not a disease. If fact only 5% of our life-time and only 5% people at any given time need medical attention. In fact it is said that

‘Medicine is the art of keeping a person amused till nature cures him’.

 It is only when your symptoms last for more than three days or steadily increase in spite of your efforts that you need to see a doctor. The cause of most dis-eases is disuse, misuse, overuse and/or abuse;you take care to avoid them and nature will take care of you.

In fact this is what people are doing in these days of social distancing and most of them are getting cured by themselves. That is why most general practitioners will tell you that the number of patients they see every day has gone down.

A word of caution – please do not check each symptom on the internet. You will definitely find out the number of diseases that you could die of with these symptoms.  On the net we do not appreciate the difference between possibility and probability. In fact we have been taught as doctors –

 ‘If you make a rare diagnosis you will only rarely be right’.

Bottom line –

  • Listen to your body. Your body knows best.
  • Take your foot off the accelerator; rest, sleep, fast and take a break from current news
  • Allow your body to do the thing that only your body can do for you

                                                     A stitch in time will save you nine.