An Eyeopener – Challenges of India Inc

Corporate India today suffers severely on the Health & Wellness front. And the impact is huge. An unhealthy and diseased workforce creates a plethora of problems for society, organizations and the entire economy. For business growth and wellbeing of all, ensuring Health and Wellness becomes crucial.

This is where HPS Wellness steps in.

Organizational Success depends on Employee Wellbeing

The success of any organization depends on the holistic wellbeing of its people!

85% employees from various organizations in surveys have confirmed that Strategic Wellness programs have impact on Efficiencies, Engagement & Retention.

Ancient Wisdom, Science & Technology in Harmony

Just like GPS helps us navigate to our destination, HPS (Health Positioning System) is designed to help an employee navigate on his Wellness journey from the current position towards “Health Excellence” which he truly deserves.

Introducing HPS Harmony

AI Driven, Scientifically designed, Strategically
Implemented Tech platform & Services

Harmony is a rich blend of Ancient sciences and
modern technology

Top Benefits

Employee Wellness gives a strong impetus to your organizations growth

  • Improve Employee Satisfaction

  • Reduction in Health Care Costs

  • 3X Increase in Employee Engagement

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Doctors and Expert on Panel

  • Guruji B.K.S Iyenger

    Renowned Yogacharya

  • Dr. C.R. Desai

    Co-Founder HPS Wellness, MS-ENT, Acupressure Practitioner

  • Dr. J. S. Hiremath

    Senior Cardiologist

  • Dr. Mihir Hajarnavis

    Ayurveda expert

  • Dr. Kumbhar

    Ayurveda expert

  • Mr. Nitin Dhavale

    National Gymnast & Fitness coach

  • Dr. Sandeep Kelkar

    Emotional Wellness expert

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  • Making BFSI Industry Healthier and Happier

  • Manufacturing Industry gets a Wellness upgrade

  • Getting Insights on your Wellness Program


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