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What do we deliver to corporates

47 Points based scientific health assessment and report

Sustainable Diet Plans:

Available || Accessible || Affordable

Personalized Lifestyle Recommendation: Yoga, Diet, Meditation, Exercise

One-on-One Consulting with Health Expert

Home Based Remedies for over 40 commonly occurring discomforts

Acceleration through “Walking Coaches” and “Health Champions”

Professional Services : Workshops

Both online and offline Workshops through Experts as per Strategic Planning
Stress Management
Stress Management
Emotional Well-Being
Emotional Well-Being
Holistic Wellness
Holistic Wellness
Practising Happiness Small
Practising Happiness
Sleep Management
Sleep Management
Senior Management
Senior Management

Benefits for Organizations

Cost Benefit

Reduced cost on Medical Examination

Improved Efficiencies

Meaningful Employee Engagement

Reduced Absenteeism

Reduced Stress Levels

Higher Energy

Greater Work Satisfaction

Team Building

Analytical Reports & Insights for Management

Our Blogs

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Significance of motivation in Emotional Intelligence

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