Comprehensive wellness plan for your organization
Harmony : Complete Solution for Corporate Wellness

Deliverable for Organizations Deliverable for Employees
Corporate Employee Wellness assessment Health Guide & health Goals
Wellness Strategy Consulting & Execution planning Habit Building
Comparative reports and Analytics Lifestyle Enhancement & Home Remedies

– Aurveda, Diet, Yoga, Exercise, Acupressure, Mudra

– Home Based Remedies for 40+ Discomforts

Making it Happen : Success Manager to help execution Four impactful, customized sessions for employees
Consulting on office ergonomics Wellness Coach support (Optional)
One-to-One counseling (Optional)

Manegement Level Reports
Modules Includes:

47 Points based scientific health assessment and report

Sustainable Diet Plans:

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Personalized Lifestyle Recommendation: Yoga, Diet, Meditation, Exercise

Professional Services : Workshops
Stress Management
  • Difference between Stress & Strain
  • Identifying your personal stressors: Triggers & early signs
  • Model of reality: Stimulus, Cognition, Recognition, Recovery period, bio-chemical reaction
  • Staying in present & decluttering your mind
Practising Happiness
  • Understanding the relations between four hormones of happiness and how they function
  • Deriving your Happiness Quotient
  • Plotting graph of your happiness & analysing it
  • Identifying various activities that release each of this hormone
  • Setting your right frequency of release of these hormones
My behaviour – Your Behaviour
  • DISC assessment to understand behaviour – own & other’s
  • Gaining social success by understanding behaviour
  • Achieving intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial success by building appropriate relationships
Self Talk
Self Talk & Instructions
  • Awareness of self talk thus resulting in positive self talk
  • Dealing with day to day complaints regarding life situation – personal and professional
  • Tools to increase ability to handle critical situations and setbacks
Building Resilience
Building Resilience
  • Techniques to handle situations at workplace and cope with them (feedbacks, appraisals, commitments).
  • Tools to handling personal setbacks.
  • Bouncing back from critical situations.
Work-life Harmony
  • Understanding the Life Wheel
  • Identifying your location on life wheel
  • How different dimensions impacts other dimensions
Prakruti & its significance
  • What is “Prakruti” & why is it important to know yours
  • Prakruti & your Dincharya (daily routine)
  • Diet & seasonal changes
  • Look Good, Feel Good: Skin care, dental care & hair care
Sleep Management
  • Things to do before bed
  • Food intake (Qualitative and Quantitative) before sleep
  • Ideal sleep hours
  • Sleep patterns
  • Developing a sleep routine
Three Aspects of Diet
  • Diet: The Fad & confusion created by it
  • What to eat, how much to eat, when to eat
  • Stress and Gut health
  • Eating meditation
Life without medicines
  • Understanding difference between Diseases & Dis-ease
  • Pain Vs Suffering
  • Home-based interventions as first line of defence
  • Reduced chemical intake: how it’s a great service to your body
Building Habits
  • Understanding your body systems
  • 4 habits to reset your system
  • Easy to follow tricks to adopt each habit
  • Positive signs to observe for releasing dopamine
Restoring balance of body
  • The science of Acupressure
  • Acupressure Vs Acupuncture
  • Various points on body and their benefits
  • Acupressure and health enhancement
Seasons & Lifestyle
  • Seasonal change – Recipe for distress
  • Prakruti: Beyond human body
  • Classification of seasons as per Prakruti
  • Harmony: Changes for aligning your prakruti with season’s prakruti
6 S’s of Exercise & Yoga
  • Myths related to exercises
  • Differentiation between exercises & exertion
  • 6 S’s of exercises (Strength, Stamina, Speed, …?…, ….?…, …?…). Any guess?
  • The morning “sandwich” for great health
Power of Mudras
  • The science of Mudras
  • Restoring body functions through Mudras
  • 16 Minutes: Anytime, anywhere
Emotional Well-Being
Holistic Wellness
Senior Management
Professional Services
Special Senior Management

Special Senior Management Centric Workshops (Stress management session, Personal wellness, Personal fitness)

One on One Cunsulting

One on One Consulting with Health Expert

Walking Coaches

Acceleration through  “Walking Coaches” & “Health Champions”