Why HPS Wellness as your “Partner”

Calculate ROI through Trackable Improvement

No more subjective definition of Wellness Programs. Through year-round reassessments we provide you reports and graphical representation of the improvement & progress.

Know “Health” of your company

Our analytics engine analyses prepares various reports on status of physical activity & mental alertness of your employees.

Sustainable Initiative

Continuous engagement & motivation to your employees through in-App messaging, workshops & awareness talks.

Multiple Plans to suit your Requirements

Group Wellness, Group Wellness Plus, Senior Management Program, Family Cover.

What Your Employees Get


Ensuring Continuity

Comparative graphs & In-app motivation to keep going

Reduced Medicine Intake

24 x 7 Access to Natural Therapies for Employees


Improved Quality of Life

More Awareness about Diet & Lifestyle


Health Excellence

1 Year Health Enhancement Plan that changes with season


Self Awareness

Detailed Health Report on Current Health Status

Year-Round Flow Of Wellness Program

  • Current Health Status Assessment

    • - Health Profiling
    • - Mental Alertness Test
    • - Physical Activity Test
    • - Body Assessment Snapshot

  • 1 Year Health Enhancement Plan for Employees

    • - Exercises & Yogasana
    • - Diet & Lifestyle Changes
    • - Suryanamaskar
    • - Pranayama

  • Revaluation & Support to Create Motivation

    • - Reassessments & Workshops
    • - Motivation via In-app Messaging

  • Visible Output

    • - Comparative Graphs for Employees
    • - Group Health Assessment for Employer