Comprehensive Wellness for Your Organisational Family

Health and positivity are the pillars of wellbeing for an individual. This can be noticed through higher energy levels, increased engagement, higher team motivation, upbeat work culture and trickles down to the robust organisational bottomline

Current Health Analysis

Detailed report of SWOT analysis of every employee’s prakruti based on their answers to the extensive questionnaire that takes into account their nature.


Health Enhancement Plans

Time-bound plans that enable your workforce to achieve goals, experience the change, feel inspired and self validate the progress.


Daily Meal Planner

Employees can gradually switch to healthier diet patterns through carefully created diet plans, which are workable and can be followed with minor changes.


Team Progress Graphs

Give ‘Healthy Competition’ a new meaning. Colleagues and teams across the organisational structure can compare their health journeys


Targeted Therapies

Therapeutic treatment plans for individual employees suffering from minor health issues that are manageable at a personal level, employees can now start.


Lifelong Mobility Solutions

Employees can benefit from HPS seamlessly and carry on their journey towards the ideal lifestyle through lifelong mobility solutions.


Indian adults suffer from lifestyle diseases


Indian adults are either obese or overweight


Indian adults have high blood pressure


Corporate professionals experience high stress


Benefits for Organization

Organizational Health Score

Access to Dashboard – (Distribution of Health Status across org., Distribution of diseases across org.) All the measurable metrics shall be shown in this

Employee Engagement Platform

Reduction Medical Absenteeism

Increase in Employee Productivity

Improved Retention

Reduction in Insurance Cost

Enhancement in Employee Morale (no. of participants, active App usage)

Establish a Culture of Health (avg. no of times people exercise in a week, improvement in overall BMI values of org.)

Benefits for The Employees

Understanding of current health status in a measurable way

Health Enhancement (prevention of NCDs, increasing body resistance to communicable diseases, enhancing your health potential)

Measurably track the improvements

Easily accessible & DIY home-based therapies to help you with small discomforts

Understanding yourself & your Prakruti: its characteristics, strengths & weakness

Personalization of Diet, Lifestyle, Exercises & Yogasan to your prakruti, age, gender, BMI & current health status

Curated content personalized to your needs

Navigation through daily activities that need to change with every season

Look Nice, Feel Nice through seasonal Skin & Hair Care tips


Personal health

Digital support through web & mobile app
Prakruti analysis
Diet plans
Therapeutic treatments
Health enhancement
Yoga and exercise regiment


Work culture

Regular activities
Pantry guidelines
Gamification of work-life
Team health graphs
Higher motivational levels
Work-life balance


Organisational Bottomline

Increased attendance & engagement
Improved productivity
Lower medical insurance costs
Reduced attrition rate
Measurable results