Why HPS Wellness?

Let’s First Understand The Evolution Of Wellness

wellness 1.0

Wellness 1.0 - Era Of Family Doctor

For all our problems, we used to go to a single doctor

wellness 2.0

Wellness 2.0 - Rise Of Multi Specialty Hospitals

We started going to specialists for our problems

wellness 3.0

Wellness 3.0 - Information Overload Leading To Unidirectional Approach

We realised we need to be proactive about health, but started doing what we ``think`` is right instead of what is right for ``our body``. For e.g. For weight loss, we think of diet.

But Wellness 3.0 Is Inadequate


The world is revolving but healthcare needs a revolution. Introducing ‘WELLNESS 4.0’ the age of “PERSONALISED AND MULTI-DIMENSIONAL” wellbeing

Presenting HPS Wellness

The GPS of health that helps every individual identify their current unique health co-ordinates and navigates each of them towards the best version of themselves, with personalised and holistic recommendations throughout the day.

We firmly believe that every individual must have the opportunity to achieve the best version of themselves. To do this, they must have access to the right tools that can help them make informed, timely decisions. With the aid of technology and decades’ worth of expertise, we have now made this possible.